The Phlex Manifesto

We’ve tasted freedom. We’re not going back. It’s official – travelling to an office block miles from home is bad for our physical and mental health, the planet and our pocket.

The company isn’t paying for our home WiFi or counselling for isolation and yes, we all need structure and discipline, but why can’t that be found in a local workspace of your choosing?

Motivation doesn’t come from 9-to-5 it comes from finding and being our authentic best-work-self, saying goodbye to the artificial routine and draining office politics.

It’s time to connect locally. To find collaboration and opportunity that’s here on our doorsteps. To get to know other like-minded professionals who’ve also said ‘no’ to the pointless commuter rat-race.

It’s time to support our local economy by clicking and finding the perfect Phlex workspace at a nearby boozer, hotel, restaurant or indeed hip bespoke co-working space. Your perfect place to get work done without the coffee shop screaming babies or ‘you’ve-over-stayed-your-cappuccino’ barista looks.

It’s time to Phlex and transform your working week with thousands of other like-minded professional locals.

It’s time for the workplace revolution.

Phlex. Think bigger, work local.

The Phlex Manifesto

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