Become a Phlex co-working space

Join the local pubs, restaurants, cafés, shops and hotels across the country attracting new revenue from the thousands of British office workers forced to work from home.​

Maximise your facility

COVID-19 means most offices can no longer accomodate their workforce – they need additional workspace for their employees. As a facility open to the public you already comply with many of the legal requirements for a safe working environment. Become a Phlex co-working space and enjoy a new revenue stream from professionals who live close to your business.

We take care of the bookings

All bookings are via the Phlex website and you are kept in the loop all the way. Simply create your online listing, set the capacity for each day, your day or half-day rate and you are up and running. Log into your Phlex account to see your bookings for each day with their contact details. All bookings are paid in advance and funds are automatically transferred to our designated account. Easy.

Here to help you get started

We’ll help you prepare part or all of your space to become a working-hours safe co-working environment. We’ll also provide you with all the marketing materials you need to harvest leads from your existing database of customers as well as generate new leads from passing footfall traffic. And of course you will be listed on our Phlex website – generating inbound bookings.

Sign up for FREE

For a limited time you can list your facility as a Phlex co-working space for free. This is so we can rapidly build a database of facilities across the UK. So don’t miss out, sign up your business today.