Ergonomic Certification



Let’s make this work for you…

This is really important. As part of your listing we ask you to think about when and where you’d like people in your space.  You can go back and change this at any time, but make sure you think about what’s going to work for you. 


There’s no point (or pressure from us) in having people sitting and working in your space (bar, coffee shop or whatever) during times when you’re already busy.  That’s not what this is about at all.

But if you have quiet times when you would value some additional revenue, and when the space is probably a bit more conducive to sitting and working, then these are ideal.


Again – pretty important and tied in with what times work for you.  You don’t need a dedicated room or area put aside for co-working, although many spaces do.  But you do need to think about where within your space would be most appropriate for people to sit if they are doing some work.

Right next to the play area or noisy bar at busy times probably wouldn’t be best for example, and a quieter corner during a quieter time would probably be more appropriate.