Ergonomic Certification



How is the corporate user different?

So now that you’ve figured out where and when is going to work for you, if we’re going to attract this whole new market of corporate workers into our spaces we need to really start to understand them and what else they’re going to need to make it work for them.

They’re funny beasts those corporates….

Big generalisations coming up, but whilst many entrepreneurs are completely wrapped up in World Domination, and often pay little attention to the nitty gritty of health, safety, compliance, & security – it’s these things that are important to the corporates.

As soon as their employees move away from the controlled environment of their offices, and out into the real world their employers get nervous.  

And they start to ask questions like:

  • How will we keep them safe?
  • How will we continue to comply with Regulations?
  • How will we maintain security?
  • How will it affect our insurance?

And it’s not only this sort of stuff that bothers them – they also need to think about organisational issues such as how will they manage and motivate and communicate with dispersed teams? 

It’s a huge cultural shift for them, and if they are to build our spaces into the mix of their working models and provide an attractive and viable alternative to the office HQ then we need to think about these things, and how we can provide assurance that our spaces are going to be not just attractive to their employees, but also safe, comfortable and secure places for them to work.

Perhaps not the most exciting stuff in the world, but we’ve got to know our market.  It’s important to them, so it needs to be important to us.