Find local co-working for your employees

Give your staff the Phlex local co-working alternative to home-working

Make their remote work-life easier with Phlex

Many home environments are not great for getting traditional office-based tasks done. Phlex co-working spaces give your staff a safe local environment where they can enjoy work again. They have access to all the work-related legal necessities they need like wifi, consumables, rest and changing facilities, and somewhere to eat and drink during breaks.

Good for their health

All our facilities comply with COVID-19 health and safety standards. Phlex spaces also help your employees avoid the health risks associated with prolonged public transport journeys. And of course, co-working avoids your team working in isolation – so it’s good for their mental health too.

Help local British business

When you book a Phlex space you are helping local businesses get back on their feet again after the distruption of COVID-19. Businesses like pubs, hotels and restaurants are now transformed into great 9-to-5 co-working spaces.

Good for the planet

COVID-19 gave our planet a break from the tons of toxins and CO2 we all used to produce commuting to workplaces miles from home. Encouraging your staff to work close to home with Phlex reduces your business impact on the environment. Contributing to a better world for all of us.