Cancel the commute

It’s time to cancel the commute, work local and help your local economy thrive again.

Good for your pocket

Not only are you saving all that commuter time, you also save money with very affordable local Phlex spaces. Many just want your custom in food and beverages. Search for a space near you, book online and enjoy a better world of working local.

Good for your health

All our facilities comply with COVID-19 health and safety standards. And whilst many workers are unable to return to their crowded offices, Phlex spaces comply with your employers legal obligation to provide you with a safe place to work.

Good for your local economy

Phlex is helping local facilities like pubs, hotels and restaurants pivot during the day to become great co-working spaces. So by booking with Phlex you are helping local businesses get back on their feet again after the distruption of COVID-19.

Good for the planet

COVID-19 gave our planet a break from the tons of toxins and CO2 we all produced commuting to workplaces miles from home. Working local with Phlex keeps your transport emissions down, helping you to reduce your personal impact on the environment.