An Ode to Co-Working

To those who work before work, work the 9-5, then work some more.

In pursuit of the dream that only you can see. Pursuing ideas so great we think “why didn’t I think of that?”. Yet we wish you success with it anyway.

Addicted to the sweet scent of fresh-brewed coffee.

Long days and late nights yet still not enough time in the day.

Who cares? We care. Because we’re the ones who’d chase our ambition anyway.

For the co-founders wearing all 17 hats, creating their Most Valuable Players, their Minimal Viable Product.

From food in the shared fridge that may or may not be safe to eat. To our colleagues giving us #lunchboxenvy. To the spritz of Redbull and sips of green tea.

Hacking productivity, funnels and growth with productivity hacks, Pomodoro, Pomodoro.

To the guy who’s sitting in your favourite spot. “Is that a real plant in that flower pot?”

Headphones in, in the zone. Toilet breaks that interrupt your flow.

From 4 hour work weeks to 4 hour work meetings. To those who only answer emails between midnight and mid-breathing.

Shooting off one last email before you launch your product like a rocket ship.

To those who don’t even have a break because you have to break even.

No longer managing to manage as just a manager. It’s time for you to lead, breathe and succeed. For those who are leaving the rat race behind.

For those in the rat race, for those who are working on the next big thing. For those who get sh*t done like a boss.

For those who Phlex.

An Ode to Co-Working

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