We are on a mission to get Britain working locally

COVID is changing how we work

COVID forced us all to work from home. This created some positives such as reconnecting us with our families and local communities, as well as cutting our nations CO2 emissions. But trying to work from home can come with issues such as a lack of motivation, productivity and isolation. We believe there is a better way to work. Co-working locally.

Helping our local economies

Of course COVID also damaged our local hospitality and food & drink businesses who are, even when allowed to be open, struggling to survive with drastically reduced capacity due to social distancing. Phlex provides these business with a welcome new source of income.

Good for Britain

Our goal is to create thousands of new local co-working spaces up and down the country in existing pubs, restaurants, hotels, and service facilities.

So office workers can continue to work close to home – saving money, time and the planet. And small local businesses can gain a new source of income to help them thrive again.

We love co-working

Phlex was started by Jill Farmer and Caroline Sumners, two colleagues frustrated by the challenges of working from home and who desperately wanted a professional, local working environment. Based on the South Coast of England they were restricted in their co-working options and put off by the traditional dull facilities on offer. They created Phlex to help them and others say goodbye to home-working loneliness, and access less traditional co-working places. And at the same time help small local hospitality and food & drink businesses hit hard by COVID-19.

Jill Farmer

Registered Osteopath & Ergonomist specialising in office, agile and remote working. A constant observer of people and workplace ergonomics – always looking to make things better.

Caroline Sumners

CIM qualified Marketing Consultant with 20 years experience in marketing, social media strategy, inbound marketing and marketing automation.